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Beauty Full Memories



Windsor Castle, April 2002

Our lives are filled with memories. There are times when I look at my little girl and wish I could freeze that moment, keep her this young, this vibrant, this lovely for ever. I'm sure she has a marvelous life in front of me, but it's already hard for me to think that she, one day, may life that life far from me.

My mother must have felt much the same. Before she even felt ready, I was out the door, on my way to college for the adventure of a life time. Four years of college passed, with summers at home, and then, I was permanently moving to a different state. Two years after that I was marrying the man of my dreams. And thus, goes life.

Now, a thousand miles seperate me from the mother who raised me. We talk often on the phone, sharing in each others lives, and posting pictures online.

But still, time and miles seperate us. There many days that I wish I coulid hop over for a cup of tea, or have Sunday Super together as a family.

But this, for now at least, isn't our reality.

Still, this lady that I grew up calling "Mom," is important to me. It is, largely, because of her, that I'm me.

She's one of the best moms, and friends, that a girl could ask for.

When I was a senior in college, she and I went on a wonderful adventure together. We traveled to England, and saw many of the places we'd dreamed about in books. We visited the Tower of London, Walked through Windsor, saw Shakespeare's birth place, and drank many pots of tea.

It was a Beauty Full Memory, one I'm sharing in honor of Mother's day (which is coming up on May 13th!) and as a part of Love Feast Table's Fancy Friday Link Up.

Do you have any Beauty Full Memories? What mother figures has God placed in your life?