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We've had spring-like weather here lately. These sun-shine filled days leave my heart happy and at peace. But then, another snowy day comes along, and I'm once again stuck back inside, glumly waiting for the cold weather to leave.

Spring is like that in these parts. It tests you. It teases you. It gives you a glimpse of something beautiful, but only for a moment.

Sometimes, it's hard for me to bare my soul to those around me. It's hard for me to be honest and say that my heart has been going through a Winter.

These last few months have been tough. They've been lonely. They're honestly months I just want to get past.

Like no other, I'm longing for Spring this year. I'm longing to see those first buds on trees, those first daffodils peaking through the grass. Because then, I hope, my soul will come out of hiding. Then, I hope, a season of happiness will be upon me.

Yes, there's been joy this winter. Yes, there's been peace. If I've learned anything this past Winter it's this: Christians go through hard times too. It's ok to admit that our lives are less than perfect. We struggle with sadness, we struggle with loneliness, just like the next person. The difference is that we have Someone to carry us through those times. We have God, who walks with us through the Winters of life.

So yes, I'm at peace today. Yes, I have a joy within my heart that passes understanding. And, yes, I'm looking forward to Spring.

In keeping with my Lent blog posts, my prayer focus for today continues to be for my friends. Today, specifically, it's for those who don't have Jesus as the ruler of their lives. My friends, He truly makes a difference during the Winters of our lives. I honestly don't know how I would have handled this deployment without Jesus by my side. My prayer, for you, is that you will reach out let Jesus carry you today and everyday. Trust me, it's worth the leap.