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Fasting from Busyness


It’s easy to stay busy. There’s bills to pay, a house to clean, numerous errands and appointments to make. Friends to see. Church and squadron responsibilities.

Plus, when I’m busy, I can’t think about the loneliness. I can’t think about all that my husband is missing out on during this deployment season.

On Saturday morning I was thinking about this, as my daughter was cuddling up next to me on the couch. We had a busy day in front of us, one that would have us running around all afternoon and evening. But for the moment, all I had to do was cuddle my girl, read some books with her, and drink my morning cup of coffee. Out of our busy day, those moments were the sweetest to me. Those moments were the ones I treasured the most.

Busyness is catching. Busyness can keep us from doing what’s most important.

Before I know it, she’ll be too busy to cuddle with me much. Our days of a morning sippy with milk will be long gone.

It’s sometimes hard to treasure such moments, with so many things on my to-do-list, and the pressure of a temporary single-parent heavy on my shoulders.

But I love moments like this that remind me of my priorities.

I love moments when God reminds me what truly matters in this world.

My husband and my daughter mean more to me than any number of tasks or responsibilities.

So, if you come over to my house and see some dishes in the sink, and a pile of laundry waiting to be put away, don’t be surprised. I’ll get to them eventually.

But for that morning, I was cuddling the people I loved the most.