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Deployed Heart Wreath


I have to admit, the weekends are definitely the worst. During the weekdays, it feels almost as if my hubby is just working long hours. On the weekends, I notice even more that he's not around. To help fill in the hours, I try to come up with creative crafts for me (and sometimes little E), to do. This was a craft I pretty much did completely during E's naptime, so it really didn't take long at all. I got the idea from here:

After seeing this heart rag wreath, I looked up some information online.

If you'd like to make one as well, the directions are below:

1) First you'll need approx. 4 yards of fabric, give or take.  

2) You'll also need a straw or wire frame to work off of (some people actually bend a wire coat hanger!).


Heres a picture of the wire frame I found: 

3) Next, you cut or tear the fabric into strips.  This blog suggests 6 inches by 1 inch. This blog said to vary the widths and make it more like 10 to 12 inches long. (She also found her wreath at the dollar store, ha!).

4) Start tying!  I used about  2 yards for each color. Sometimes I tied the strips over a single rung, sometimes two at a time.

5) For the deployed heart look, I tyed half of the heart with the cameo colors, and the other half with pink.

6) Ta da! You have your own deployed heart wreath to proudly sport on your front door! I've contemplated adding some name tapes, but this is how it stands for now (sorry that the pictures are sideways) :