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Tales of a Recovering Perfectionist



Last night, my hubby pointed out that I can't do everything. He, once again, lovingly set me straight, and reminded me that I don't have to save the world on my own (well, he didn’t say it quite that way, but I caught the drift).

In my desire to stay busy, I tend to get myself a bit over committed. In my desire to invest in friendships, I tend to get too many social get-to-gethers on my calendar.

It's nice having someone lovingly point out this weakness. 

While I love being involved in things, sometimes I get overwhelmed by all of the responsibilities on my shoulders. Sometimes I get just a little too involved. 

My perfectionist nature means I want to do it all the  right way. 

My independence streak (which serves me well as a military wife) makes me want to prove that I can handle it on my own.

But I can't always.

Sometimes I need the loving words of my husband to set me straight, and remind me that I was never meant to handle it on my own. Sometimes I need to get my head back on straight, and focus on what truly matters.

Pride. Independence. 

It really doesn't truly matter as much as my head thinks it does.

My family matters. My friends matter. My God matters. 

My God has created me, not to solve lifes problems, but to glorify Him with my life. He wants me to depend on Him for strength and guidance. I don’t have to be involved in everything in sight. He knows what’s best. I’m so thankful that sometimes God sends people, like my husband, to lovingly set me straight.

And so, I'll continue a re-evaluation of my priorities, and try to focus my days on the truly important things, and to let God handle the details. 

What about you? Have you ever become too busy with life? Has anyone ever lovingly reprimanded you?