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Love is... Patient


It's interesting that out of all the attributes Paul could of chosen in 1 Corinthians 13, the first one listed is patience. Perhaps it's because of the ongoing struggle we all have with this word. Patience is hard to come by. We live our lives always waiting for the next thing to occur. High school graduation, moving out of the house, wedding days, the birth of children, the end of  deployments. In an instant gratification kind of world, it's hard to wait for some things to happen in their own time. 

But that's exactly what we must do, wait. I couldn't force my daughter to be born several weeks earlier, she came when she was good and ready. And I can't make this deployment any shorter, the days are still there, looming in front of me on the seemingly never-ending-calendar. 

But what I can do is learn about love. Not physical or self-seeking love, but an everlasting kind of love. The kind of love that is patient at it's core. The kind of love that waits. 

God exhibits this love with each of us on a daily basis. He patiently watches us stumble and fall, loving us through this process called life. His patience doesn't wear thin. He's always there, picking us up and giving us another chance.


When we're anxious about something, it can be horribly hard to be patient. But that's often exactly what we're called to do. We can't live our lives sitting around, waiting for tomorrow to come. Instead, we're called to live today to it's fullest, and let Jesus take care of the tomorrows (see Matthew 6:34).


Do you see more anxiety or patience in your own life? Has anyone exhibited true love to you through their patience?