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A New Normal?


They told me my life would never be the same again. A child would change things. We'd have to adjust to "a new normal." 

And they were right, in those early baby days, I truly wondered if we'd ever see some sort of routine again. If I'd ever feel like the old "me." 

I never did. Mommy-hood changed me. I had someone new to focus on. Someone who rocked my days and nights. She depended on me, looked to me (and my husband) for safety, encouragement and nourishment. 

But I found something else out as well. Being a parent would always involve changes. There would always be new changes, a new seeking out of  "normal." There was the change from 3 naps to 2 to 1. Switches from a bottle to baby food to people food. Adjustments as we travelled, switched time zones, stayed in other peoples houses. Adjustments as our little girl became more active, actually enjoyed being around friends, wanted to go outside and play. And then the adjustment of a deployment came. The adjustment of someone essential being out of our lives for seven months, and then jumping right back in.

A new normal? I'm not sure life is ever normal. This broken world is ever changing, ever moving. Even this past week, with the hubby out of town for a class, found us adjusting and overcoming. Life may be routine at times, but I think I'm glad it's never "normal." It's crazy, insane, beautiful and, at times, extremely fast paced. In a few months, we'll add another child to the mix of our crazy life. He or she will surely rock our world. Once again we'll go through the sleep-deprived baby stage, and get to know a  whole new little personality. Our oldest will be drastically changed by the process. It's hard to wrap my mind around the thought that she won't remember life without this little sibling. They will grow up friends, sometimes rivals, and partners in ultimate mischief. In our ever changing life, we will never quite have normal. 

My comfort comes in the Creator of this universe. The one who sees all my yesterdays, todays and tomorrows. The one who helps me through the predictable and the surprising. The one who created us to be adaptable human beings who can overcome lifes greatest challenges. I'm so glad He created us with the ability to adapt to life's craziness, aren't you?


 How is your life anything but normal? What is God teaching you through the craziness of life lately?