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The Ordinary


I'm so excited to once again be joining up with Chatting at the Sky's Tuesdays Unwrapped. It's been awhile since she's done this link-up, but she's brought it back for the month of December, yey! Check out the rest of the link-ups here.

As I look around me, you'd see a partially messy house. Two different craft projects on the dining room table, some misplaced leggos, and some dishes in the sink. The cloth diapers are still hanging on the drying wrack (they should have been neatly stuffed and put away today). I'm sure, if I looked, there'd be a decent pile of laundry waiting for me as well. So what, do you ask, did I do today?

I enjoyed life. I drank a homemade gingerbread latte with a friend. We thrift shopped, with two tired toddlers in tow. I dreamed up some Christmas gift ideas. Listened to Christmas music on the radio. Snuck a few more bites of the Christmas treats in the fridge. Prayed for some friends going through a rough time. Nearly lost my temper with an ornery, tired two-year-old. Sent her to time out, fed her dinner, and snuggled with her over some books at bedtime. Talked to a dear one on the phone this evening. Crawled into bed way to early, hoping that writing out these words will keep me awake.

That was my rather ordinary, messy day. What was yours like? Did you come across anything extraordinary?

Ack, my ramblings probably don't make sense tonight. But there they are. My imperfect day for all to see. God gave it to me, and for that I'm truly thankful.