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The Walls Came Tumblin'


It's a Bible story that most people familiar with. I remember being in Sunday School class, watching my teacher tell the story, complete with felt board (do you remember those?). We even had a song we would sing, an old spiritual that goes  back to times of slavery in the United States.

"Joshua fit the battle of Jericho, Jericho, Jericho,

Joshua fit the battle of Jericho

and the walls came tumblin' down..."

Were you singing along? It's a catchy tune. One I'm sure my daughter will learn before too aweful long.

I had a few thoughts, as I read through this passage the other day. Hope you don't mind if I share them with you :)

I'm amazed at the Israelite nation, how they stepped out in faith and walked around a city for seven days! How strange that must have been. I wonder if some of them doubted the outcome of such a thing. They probably looked pretty silly marching around, without so much as a peep. Yet, they trusted in Joshua's leadership, and in the God they all served. For once, instead of grumbling, complaining, and rebelling, they followed orders and did as God asked.

I wonder why God picked seven days? Seven days does equal an entire week. Perhaps there's some sort of completion with that. Or perhaps an entire week of marching was truly a test of obediance for the people.

Either way, it would have been amazing to have been there on that seventh day, when the trumpets blasted, the people shouted, and the walls came tumbling down.

The credit for such a spectacular feat can only belong to God.

I can almost smell the smoke, hear the screams, imagine the chaos that ensued.

God had exacted His judgment, and showed His supremacy in an awesome way.

I have yet to see something that spectacular in my life. Or, at least I think so...

If I could go back in time, this may just be one of the days I would visit (along with Jesus' birth and resurrection). I would love to experience some of these miracles first hand. To see the waters parted, manna given to the people in the desert, the walls falling down, water being turned into wine, Jesus, rising from the dead. The Bible is full of amazing records. Things we can read from our very real past. Our heritage. Sometimes it's hard to remember that these things did, indeed, happen. They're more than just fictional stories to keep a child's attention. They were real moments in history, things we can learn and glean from.

And so, my prayer for today is that I would see such miracles, big and small, in my own life. That God would move any walls that need to be moved. That He would work in and through me each and every day. Who knows, perhaps a Jericho nearby will come tumbling to the ground.

What portion of Scripture would you like to go back and visit? What ways does God break down walls in your own life?