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One year later...


Has it really been a year? That day, when I put my husband on a plane, feels so long ago. But still, I remember so many things clearly. Those last mochas we sipped, as we sat in the terminal. My daughter, playing with a little ball, rolling it back and forth on the floor. Snapping a few last minute pictures, hoping to capture each moment.  And then, he was gone. One last kiss, and he walked out the door, onto the plane. I watched him leave, and then turned and quickly walked out of the terminal, daughter in hand, not wanting to cry in the midst of strangers.

Even in the car, the tears, strangely, didn’t come. No, instead I drove, deep in thought, all the way across town to an outdoor shopping mall. There, little E and I had lunch, bought a new shirt, and chatted with the people we met along the way.

It was a strangely pleasant day, as if our life wasn’t in an upheaval.

Yes, I cried many a tear later that night. But, even then, my heart truly felt at peace.

In a moment of high stress and anxiety, my heart was calm. While my emotions were greatly out of whack, my heart still knew what it believed.

It’s always my desire to study scripture, to pray and know God’s word by heart. My hope is that it will serve me well in this life, as I face life’s crazy circumstances. I truly want the word of God to live within my heart. I can think of several dramatic moments in my life, when just the right verse came to mind. The verse that came to mind on this day surprised me. It was different then what I would have expected. But definitely a reminder I needed then, and perhaps, even now.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28, NIV).

God works for the good.

Even our deployment experience was for His good. How? I can’t fully explain. To this day I’m honestly not sure. But in that moment, there was peace in my heart knowing that I was in the midst of God’s plan. That He was at work that day, just as He was on the day my husband and I first met.

His plans are greater than our own.

All I do know is that God has used this past year to draw me even closer to Him.

He’s asked me to trust, to obey, and to become even more like Him.

How can that not be a good thing?

Yes, our deployment season was hard, but God brought us through it, just as I’m sure He’ll bring us through things in the future.


So happy one year for us! I’m so thankful my husband is now back home, filling our house with life and laughter this Fall. But I’m even more thankful for my Savior, who works all things for the good.