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Changing Times


"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens" (Ecclesiastes 3:1, NIV).

I read some very encouraging words today. Emily Freeman was writing over at (in)courage about the different seasons we have in this life. Check out her blog post here. Degrees, titles, and goals in life come and go. What we think is important changes with time. Emily was reminding us that this is ok.

Emily writes,"Why must we always insist that the destination is the most important measure of success? We put so many worry hours into our future only to discover that it keeps changing"

How true! Five years ago, my life was so completely different. I was focused on graduate school, my future career as a teacher and writer, and wasn't even considering marriage and a family. But then I met a handsome airman and that story changed. Instead of a career, I took on the role of military wife, which I haven't regretted since.

Sometimes I think about my degrees. I wonder if that time in school was wasted. If I should be doing more with everything I learned.

But, like Emily, I'm starting to find that life has all sorts of twists and turns. Everything I've learned in the past has equiped me for the here and now, as a wife, mother and writer. I can't see the full picture, but I know it isn't right to stress about the end result. All I can do is live the life God has given me to the fullest.

What about you? How has the past equiped you for your life right now?