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The Lord is For Me


“I called to the LORD in distress; the LORD answered me and put me in a spacious place. The LORD is for me; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?” Psalm 118:5-6 HCSB


The Lord is for me...

The mentality forms that I'm on my own. That this house, the bills, and my daughter's well being, are soley on my shoulders. The holidays with family were such a wonderful break, that the pressue feels immense now that I'm back home. It's easy to get overwhelmed by the list of to-dos. Clean house, healthy meals, exercise, educational activities for the little one, military wife obligations, Bible studies, church, friends. I get pulled in so many directions so easily. While I thrive on business, it is my tendency to do it on my own. This verse above is a great reminder that I'm never alone. God is not working against me in this life. I don't have to fight Him for His favor, His blessing. It's right in front of me. Why a deployment is part of that plan, I can't say, but it is. God must have something great in it for us as a family. And all of these obligations, all of these things I'm involved in? There not there to overwhelm me, but to bless me. God is for me and for you as well.