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Simply a joyful day


Today I:

  • Read some foody magazines as I sipped my morning cup of coffee.
  • Met a friend at a coffee shop for a much needed talk.
  • Took some family pictures.
  • Did some dishes and some laundry
  • Downloaded old videos of my daughter to our computer (finally!).
  • Played inside a cardboard box with my little one.
  • Laughed at the silliness of life through a child's eyes.

Sometimes I go through the day distracted. I get caught up in social networks or television shows, or just the the tediousness of household chores, and forget to enjoy the things around me. Yes, I have responsiblities. Responsibilities that I have to follow through on each day. But just the same, there's nothing wrong with enjoying life. There's nothing wrong with taking stock of the blessings all around me, and laughing like a little kid once again.

Have you listened to a child laugh lately? It's so wonderfully joyful! There's nothing like it. It makes your heart feel so complete and full. It's the kind of sound that reminds you of what happiness is like. Happiness untainted by this world and its troubles.

Be happy today, dear friends. Find joy where ever it may be. It's out there, even on the darkest of days.

You turned my wailing into dancing;  you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, (Psalm 30:11, NIV).