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I just read some encouraging words that I just had to share! Holley is writing about being chosen today. Click on her name to see what she has to say (and to participate in this week's link up).

As I read Holley's words, they resonated deep in my heart. I was one of those girls who always felt like she was on the outskirts of the party, who never quite felt like she fit in through grade school and high school. I was a God-lover, which meant I usually wasn't even invited to parties. I attended a Christian school, but still felt like I never truly fit in. I was so lonely. I wanted friends so badly. I wanted to be chosen, to belong. Yes, I was involved in all sorts of extra-curricular activities. I kept busy through my grade school and high school days. But I didn't have many kindred spirit friends. I didn't have many people that understood the real me.

I think God used those slightly lonely days to teach me to depend on Him. In college, I finally had close friends, and I couldn't help but thank God for sending them into my life. Such friends were worth waiting for. My life since college has been filled with ups and downs.  Sometimes I find lots of friends where I move, sometimes, not so much. Sometimes loneliness still invades my life. But I've learned that when my heart lies with my Savior, I can handle times of loneliness.

I've been chosen by Him. He is my best friend, my Savior, my God, my everything. He is all I truly need to survive.

Feel encouraged today, dear friends. You have been chosen. You have been desired.