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Changing Seasons


There’s rain on the ground this morning. I find myself cuddled up in my pajamas with a cup of coffee, blanket wrapped around my shoulders, magazine sitting in my lap, daughter playing with her toys near by.

Fall is in the air.



Apple Cider.





My heart lightens as I anticipate the season before me.

But then I pause. I ask myself how I can look forward to such things this year. How I can find joy and excitement in the seasons changing when my heart is deployed.

But why can’t I?

Why can’t I still feel the thrill of corduroy pants, cardigan sweaters, scarves and boots?

Why can’t I get excited when the leaves turn from green to hues of red, orange and yellow?

Yes, of course I’ll miss a special someone this year. Of course I’ll wish that he was here to experience the wonders of Autumn alongside me.

But I think that joy will still find its way into my heart this Autumn.

God will still be at work, crafting seasons and colors and changes to the world around me.

And for that I’m thankful. I’m thankful that the seasons will keep on moving and changing.

It’s a part of life. A part that I’m ever so willing to experience.