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Jonah Fought but God Called


Scripture to Ponder: Jonah 3-4

Do you ever want to kick and scream? Do you ever want to yell at the sky and demand that the world be different than it is? Do you ever want to run away from your problems? Or maybe not physically run away, but mentally shut down, refusing to be involved in the world around you?

Jonah ran away from his problems. He ran away from the hard task God was telling him to do. He decided to jump a ship in the opposite direction, instead of facing his task at hand.

But God found him.

And Jonah begrudgingly did what God asked him to do. He told the Ninevites about God’s coming wrath. To his dismay they all repented, and God repealed his judgment.

Jonah was not ok with this, so he once again threw a fit. Things were not going his way.

Sometimes I wish I, too, could run from God’s plans. I wish I could throw a fit and demand justice, demand that circumstances change.

But that wouldn’t solve anything.

God would still be in control.

Things would still be moving forward.

I would still be in the middle of them.

And as much as I wish I could run from them, I know that it wouldn’t be right. I know that I ultimately wouldn’t grow if I ran.

I wouldn’t learn from the experience.

I wouldn’t grow closer to God.

Still, I wish I could skip the whole process and land on the other end, a year down the road, with this deployment behind us.

I really don’t want to experience a deployment.

But I trust.

I trust that God is in control.

I trust that He really does know best.

I trust that this deployment will be a time of beautiful growth in all of our lives.

I trust that He will see all of us through to the other side.

So instead of running, I’m going to face the things I dread, and see what God does in the process.