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My Quiet Corner


Read: Galatians 5
A friend of mine recently inspired me to find a quiet corner in my house. This corner is nothing special. It’s a mini papasan chair, crammed in the corner of my bedroom with an afghan thrown on top. But I like it. It’s a place I can sit, even for a second, to pray. It’s a place that reminds me of the power of prayer.

Now that my daughter is 7 months old, I no longer have an excuse for my lack of quiet time. For a while I blamed it on my daughter’s lack of regular naps and the utter exhaustion that comes with being a new mommy. But we’re past that point now. My little girl sleeps through the night and takes at least 3 naps everyday. While I do have chores to get done during those naps, there’s no reason I couldn’t be spending time with my Savior as well.

Because I need that time.

I desperately need to bring my day before Him.

I need to be praying for my husband, and his job that seems so overwhelming to him at times.

I need to be praying for my friends, who are facing all sorts of trials.

I need to be praying for those I love who are so far from grace.

I need to be praying for my own sanity.

Because this week has been tough. I’ve stressed, I’ve worried, I’ve fretted, and I haven’t responded to life’s blows with love, joy or peace.

As I read Galatians 5 this morning, I was reminded of everything that should be flowing forth from my life. This isn’t anxiety and selfishness, but instead love, joy and peace.

Sometimes it’s so hard to exhibit these traits.

I’m so carnal at times.

But I serve a Savior who wants so much more for me.

He breathes new life into me day after day.

I’m so thankful for that.

And so, this morning, as my little girl slept and I sat for a minute in my quiet corner, I prayed that He would remove the anxiety and replace it with peace and joy and love. I prayed that all of the fruits of the spirit would take over my life today and everyday.

Do you have a quiet corner in your life?

Did any of the fruits of the spirit stick out to you today?