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Back to the routine


In the past month my little girl has been on two separate plane trips! I have to say that she’s so much easier on plane trips vs. car trips. She loved watching all of the people at the airport, and sleeps during the flights. I even got compliments from other people on how well behaved she was! We’ll have to wait and see what she’s like in future years! For right now, I’m thankful that traveling with her went as well as it did. All of her grandparents loved cuddling with her. She’s rolling, sitting up on her own, and crawling (and she’s not even 7 months old yet!).

I’m so proud of my little one.

That’s what makes days like today a bit easier.

Today she’s a bit grumpy.

Today she misses all of the attention she just received from dotting grandparents, and doesn’t want to play on her own.

Today I miss my normally happy little girl.

Today I’m a bit grumpy myself.

I never like saying goodbye.

It’s always rough.

It’s tough to think about how much time will pass before I see those I love again.

It’s tough to come back from a vacation.

But at the same time there have been some things I’ve missed.

I’ve missed watching my handsome husband walk through the door at the end of the day. (I love my man in uniform!).

I’ve missed my daughter having her own room! We all sleep so much better that way.

I’ve missed writing. And blogging. My heart has so much to share. I’m so excited to find a new routine. My little one is starting to take regular naps each day, which will make it so much easier to write!

I’ve missed my house. My own space. My own world.

And so here I am. I’m not going back to the old routine. But instead finding a new one with an almost-seven-month old.

I’m praying that God helps me find this routine. My time with Him has been sadly lacking as of late.

How have you been doing?