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Love is...Kind


Little E has started to become possessive about her toys. She doesn’t like to share them with other kiddos. A daunting task has come into my hands, teaching my little one how to be kind to others. She’s still on the young side, but I really think consistency with her now is a good thing.

I’ve noticed something though. Even now, I’m much more likely to scold her and be kind to the other kiddo. I’ll have to be careful about that. Yes, I want her to be kind to others, but I need to make sure that she sees how much I love her as well.

Kindness goes both ways. She’ll have to see kindness in my actions, to reflect it in her own life.

What a challenge.

Yes, it will be dificult, but kindness is definitely something I want displayed in my own Christian walk. Without kindness, there is no love.


What about you? Is there any area of your life that you could improve on the attribute of kindness.