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An Interceding Savior


“The LORD said: Assuredly, I will set you free and care for you. Assuredly, I will intercede for you in a time of trouble, in your time of distress, with the enemy” (Jeremiah 15:11, HCSB).



What have you been set free from? Where has God been faithful in your life?


There have been times of grief, of depression, of worry in my life. Those were awful times, times I wouldn’t like to repeat. It’s only by looking back that I can seem my Savior working, through people, through songs, through His word. He was by my side through it all, interceding for me when there were no words, being my friend when I had no other. He was faithful, and I have to believe that He will continue to be so.


Sometimes I have trouble expressing what this deployment is like. I have trouble writing down words that make any sense. But God knows my heart. He knows my daily battles. And He’s right there beside me, each step of the way.


You’re not alone today, dear friends. You have someone walking right beside you during whatever battle you’re facing. Be encouraged!