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She woke up screaming. When I held her, the crying lessened, but didn’t stop.

In the middle of the night I prayed for deliverance. I prayed that whatever ailed my little girl would abate and that she would fall back asleep.

I felt so helpless. Nothing I tried seemed to make a difference. She seemed to be in so much pain. When I tried to lay her back down in her crib, she only started to scream even louder.

Finally, after what felt like hours, my baby let out a huge burp, and then almost immediately fell back asleep.

I had been so afraid that something was seriously wrong. I had felt so helpless.

But I never truly felt alone.

No, never that.

Although I wished more than anything that my husband could have been there to help, I felt the presence of Jesus so strongly in that room. He was comforting us both. He was getting us through. He was listening to our cries for help.

Instead of breaking down in my own pile of tears, I was able to minister to my daughter’s needs. I was able to be her strength and comfort. I was able to hold her close until she fell back asleep.


I’m so thankful that my comforter is holding me close. I’m so thankful that He is my rock, my strength today and everyday.


 “God, hear my cry; pay attention to my prayer. I call to You from the ends of the earth when my heart is without strength. Lead me to a rock that is high above me, for You have been a refuge for me, a strong tower in the face of the enemy. I will live in Your tent forever and take refuge under the shelter of Your wings” (Psalm 61:1-4, HCSB).