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Just Being


My emotions have been on such a roller coaster as of late. I’ll have one day when I’m soaring as high as the clouds, and then the next will be extremely melancholy. You could blame it on pregnancy I suppose, but I also think it’s a fact of life. It’s a part of who I am as a woman and a child of God. Sometimes I think that all God wants is a willing heart, even on the good and bad days.
I’ve been trying so hard to be patient as of late, as I wait for this little one to arrive. It’s extremely hard at times. I’m now only a week away from my due date, so I wake up every morning wondering if today will be the day. I’m so obsessed with this baby coming that I think and over analyze every little sensation. I tend to focus on the baby and all my aches and pains, instead of looking outside of myself at the world around me.
I’ve felt a huge pull this week to simply be thankful.
And yesterday was the perfect type of day to be thankful for.
My husband had the day off (hooray for holiday weekends!) so we woke up in the morning, had some cinnamon rolls and coffee, and then took a walk outside. The sun was bright, the air was crisp, and the conversation was wonderful. I sometimes forget how much I truly enjoy my husband’s company. He’s so enjoyable to talk too!
After our walk we sat at the kitchen table and chatted about this and that. I was able to express some of my fears and concerns, and he was able to express his as well. I think we spent most of the day just talking. Some of the talk was random, some of it was serious, but it was so wonderful not to have a list of a million things to accomplish, but to instead just enjoy each others company.
Yesterday I was thankful just being.
Just being pregnant for one more day.
Just feeling the baby move.
Just enjoying the sunshine and cool breeze, hinting at Fall.
Just being my husband’s best friend and confidant.
Just being me, faults and all.
Just being a daughter of the King.

What is a perfect day to you? What would it involve or not involve? Do you ever enjoy just being you?