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And Then They Were Parents…


Eleven days ago my life changed…for the good. My daughter entered this world and all of a sudden a whole new life was before me. I could no longer look at the world as a semi-newlywed, but instead saw it as a mother for the first time. As I looked at that girl that I had waited so long to meet, the nine months proceeding became a blur. The long days of waiting were quickly forgotten. And I felt so blessed that my Savior had given me this small human to bring up along side of my husband. In that same moment I watched my husband become a father, and that, too, was quite amazing. A man who has hardly even held a baby became a gentle caregiver who would do anything to protect his little girl. I’m crying even now thinking about it. The transition to parenthood is such a beautiful one. And such an emotional one as well. I have cried so many tears in this past week and a half. Many of them have been tears of desperation, as the perfect picture of motherhood hasn’t quite come into play. I’ve questioned decisions that were made at my daughters birth, questioned decisions my husband and I prayerfully made in those first couple of days, and needed my husband’s comforting words more than ever to remind me that God’s hand really is in each step we take in this life. More than anything, I’ve needed to be reminded how good we really have it. We have a beautiful, healthy baby girl who has already wrapped her fingers around our hearts.
As frustrated as I may feel at not yet being able to decipher her cries or always know what she truly needs, I’ve needed to be reminded time and again that God is just as present at 2:00 in the morning as He is right now as I write these words. He’s always present. He understands the confusion and frustrations of new parents, and is ready and willing to give us the confidence to meet these decisions head on.
A friend told me last night that she had prayed over me several weeks ago. She prayed that I would have the Strength, Energy and Confidence to make it through these early weeks of parenthood. Oh how I needed those words of encouragement. And oh how I needed to be reminded to spend time my Savior each day, something I hadn’t seriously done since this sweet little girl arrived. My argument has been that I’ve been too busy, which is true. But just the same I need the strength of God like never before, even if I only have a moment to spend time with Him.

Where do you need strength, energy or confidence today?