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My Husband the Helper


114_1319_2“Sometimes the daily gifts are light and easy, and other times they are hard to receive” –Chatting at the Sky

Chatting at the Sky got me thinking today. She made me think about how truly I am blessed. This morning I was fussing around the house, making a list of the cleaning that needs to be done. Being 8 months pregnant, I’ve let a lot of chores go, leaving me with a feeling of discontentment as I wake up in the morning.

A part of me doesn’t feel as if I’m fulfilling my duty as a homemaker. Instead of cleaning, I spend my days walking outside, surfing the internet and napping. The smallest of tasks get accomplished. The biggest things stay undone until my hard working husband gets home from work. Usually I don’t have the heart to even ask him for help. I’d rather cuddle with him in the evenings in front of a movie, instead of asking him to help clean the house. I’d rather avoid the chores then face them.

But they still need to be done. And so, I have to ask for help. And graciously, my husband gives it to me without complain. Graciously he does the dishes, cleans the toilet, and retrieves things for me when I’m too tired or sore to get them for myself. He’s so loving, so giving, and so self-sacrificing, when he has every reason not to be. He gives to me, even when he himself is exhausted. And I’m oh so thankful for that.

Soon this baby will enter our world, and along with it a whole new list of responsibilities. Still my time will be crunched and I’ll have to turn to my husband for help. Hopefully, with time, I’ll get a handle on most of the household chores again, but it’s so nice to know that I have a husband who will help when he’s needed. Sometimes his help may be hard to receive, but I’m thankful for that gift just the same.

What gifts are you thankful for today?

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