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Baby Kicks


114_1176_2I lay awake in the early morning hours with my hand pressed against my stomach. "Thump," a little arm or leg punches back against my fingers. My heart leaps with joy. I quickly forget the night before, when I tossed and turned uncomfortably, my belly making my normal sleeping positions impossible. Instead, in these early morning hours, I focus on the thrill of having a little human being growing inside of me.

I eagerly anticipate the day, now two short months away, when I'll finally find out if this little one is a girl or a boy. I realize that, even then, my sleeping patterns will be interrupted. And that all that I experience now is only part of the preparation for motherhood.

I pray that God makes me a good mother. A strong mother. A mother that depends on her Savior most of all. I pray that this little one has a good experience growing up in the military. That they will come to love this life as much as their daddy and I do.

I pray so many things for this little one. I'm so thankful that he or she is coming soon.
And I'm so thankful for the little kicks I feel in the morning.

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