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Finding Beauty Where I Am


Anne of Green Gables is one of my favorite fictional characters. She’s witty, imaginative, and has a great love of writing, just like me. Anne struggles to find her place in the writing world. She writes far-fetched romance stories that have little to do with her actual reality. It’s only when she’s encouraged to “write what she knows” that she succeeds as an author. She writes about the people and places that she holds dearer than anything in this world. She writes from her heart.

It’s always been my goal to do the same. I love this Deployed Heart blog because it’s a place to share my thoughts, fears, and prayers as a military life. It’s a place to write about what God has been teaching me in this military journey. It’s a place to write what I know.

In a large sense, becoming a military wife was when I grew from a girl to a woman. I made one of the biggest decisions of my life when I said “I Do” to my husband a year and a half ago. On that day I married him, military man and all. I understood that by making this commitment I would be moving across the country and around the world. I understood that this commitment would ask a lot of my husband and I. We would have to depend on each other and God like never before. There would be lonely nights and long, never ending days. But there would also be excitement, adventure, and enough laughter to make it through the tougher times.

As I walked down to the coffee shop this morning, I looked around me, amazed at this beautiful installation my husband and I call home. Some wouldn’t find it all that pretty, but God has opened my eyes to the distinctive beauty of this place. It’s different than any other place I’ve called home. But it is home. And I’m so thankful that Spring is here. The sun was fighting to shine, hid behind a large cluster of white clouds, birds were chirping nearby, hidden away from peering eyes, and a hint of green can be seen in the middle of the wild brush along the pathway.  A few purple and white flowers were peaking through brush, whispering hello.

I’m learning with each move that the beauty is there, if only I ask God to reveal it. You see, I could live these military years glum and sullen, wishing I was closer to family and friends, or I can ask God to reveal a different, glorious part of his creation to me. I can hate the place I’m currently living, because the seasons and weather are so different from that of my childhood home, or I can ask him to teach me how to love this place, and this military life he’s given me. I can grumble about the long hours my husband works at times, or I can ask for thankfulness for the job God has blessed us with.

What about you? Has God opened your eyes to the beauty surrounding you? What is unique about the place God has planted you for this point in time?

I’ll leave you with some passages of scripture on God’s beautiful creation. Consider these words as you look at the world around you today: Psalm 104 & Psalm 148

Lord, please help me to see the beauty in your creation, each and every day.