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When joy is hard to come by...


Do you ever feel like joy is hard to come by? That's seriously what I've felt like this week. My little girl has decided to be fussy at the most inopportune times, leaving me frustrated and at my whits end. I find myself wondering if there is anything to be joyful about.
Silly me.
It makes sense that, as soon as I make a resolution to find 100 joyful things in December, Satan would come a knocking on my door, pointing out all the imperfections in my life. It makes sense that this resolution wouldn't be an easy one for me to keep.
But I truly want to be joyful. I truly want to see the joy around me. So, although my nerves are stretched, I'm going to try to make this work.
Being a mother is all about flexibility, I'm slowly finding. As I write this, I'm sitting in my car in my own garage. My little one was horribly fussy, which caused our trip to town to be cut short. I really want her to get a good nap in. I know she needs one. And I know she'd wake up if I carried her inside the house. And so here we are, siting in the quiet garage. I guess I'll have to find some joyful things here in the garage (never thought I'd say that...). Here's what I can find:
9) A Polka-dot umbrella. Seriously, this is the cutest umbrella ever. It's so cute that my husband won't be seen using it in public with me. tehe.

10) A pretty green bike. There's nothing that relaxes me more than I nice, leisurely bike ride. It's part of how I survived grad school. I missed riding my bike this past summer while I was pregnant. I'm so happy that I'll be able to use it once again when the weather warms up.

11) My husband's table saw. My hubby has already made us some beautiful things with his table saw. I love how he can create a work of art with some wood and paint. What a talented hubby I have!

12) Camping stuff. Seriously, I love camping. There's nothing like the smell of a campfire on a cool, summer night. I love how the smell of the smoke lingers on your clothes for days to come. Sigh.

13) Snow shovel. Winter is here, hooray! Now we only need some beautiful snow to make this month of December even better! (I know, many of you would disagree, but it's my blog, so I'm allowed to find joy in snow).

14) Box of China. My grandmother's china is still packed safely away in boxes. Someday I'll have a china cabinet to display it in. Until then, I take it out every once in awhile and smile at the memories.

15) Our car. I love our car! A sliding door makes things so much easier when it comes to towing around a baby.

16) Glass Vases. These vases are left-over from our wedding. I always smile when I see them. Usually they grace our house, but they've been demoted to the garage while the Christmas decorations are up inside.

17) Potting soil & water can. Another reminder of summer, still so far off. It's rather hard to grow things here, but so rewarding when they actually thrive!

18) Racquetballs. My hubby and I discovered that we love playing racquetball together. We're not very good at sports, but for some reason we get a kick out of bouncing a ball off of walls. It's a great work-out too!

Wow, I had to look hard, but I actually found some things today:) What a good exercise in being joyful.
What ordinary joys can you find today? Try going into a room and seeing if you can find 10 ordinary things that bring you joy. It's a great exercise and definitely lifts a sour mood!