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Time Wasted (And 100 Joys Continued)


I watched a video yesterday that made me cry. I mean really cry. And I don’t usually cry over things. It was a video about a little boy who lost his fight with leukemia. Before he died the entire town gave him one last Christmas to remember. It was beautiful and oh so sad at the same time. If you want to cry, visit this link and see the video at the end of the post. If you don't want to cry, I suggest just taking my word for it being beautiful.

Ever since I watched the video, I’ve been thinking about all the time I waste.

There are days that all I seem to do is hold my baby girl. There are days when my coffee gets cold, my blog doesn’t get written, I get farther and farther behind on counting my 100 joys. Days when I don’t get dressed, when the laundry doesn’t get done, when the bins full of Christmas decorations still sit in the living room.

When my little girl is fussy, I often feel as if I’m wasting time as I hold her. There are so many other things I could be doing. Some days my to-do list is seemingly a mile long.

But is my time really wasted as I hold her? Will my Christmas guests really care if the bathroom upstairs isn’t clean? Will my husband really care if we have eggs and bacon for dinner, because there’s nothing else in the fridge?

What are my priorities? Are they to fulfill my mental list? Are they in perfecting my “perfect military wife” image?

Or is my most important priority to love on a little girl?

As I watched the video above about little Dax and his short little life, I was reminded once again of the precious gift of life that I hold in my arms. I was reminded to cherish these moments when my coffee gets cold in the morning. Because the laundry will still be there tomorrow, but my little girl won’t be so little anymore.
Now that my little girl is napping, I’ve found a spare moment to finish my coffee and write these thoughts down. I’ve found a moment to think about the joys I’ve experienced over the last couple of days:

30) My daughter’s smile, so beautiful and innocent.
31) The feel of her hand as it wraps around my thumb.
32) Her soft head of hair, so short and new.
33) Her sweet eyes that look so trusting up at me.
34) The way her arm wraps up around me shoulder as she snuggles close.
35) The leap of joy she sometimes makes when she sees me first thing in the morning.
36) The sound of her baby chatter, so happy and silly.
37) How frustrated she gets as she tries to roll over.
38) The excitement on her face when her daddy comes home for the day
39) The sweet way she snuggles close to me as she drinks her bottle.

Those are my joys for today. Because, to me, those are the things that really matter.