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These Precious Days


My baby is sleeping on my arm as I type this. I have things that need to be done. I have a floor to sweep, laundry to transfer, and dirty dishes to load in the dishwasher. If I got out of this chair I could lay her down and accomplish some of these things. She’d probably stay asleep. But for once, I’m content to sit here and let her sleep. For once I’m enjoying the quiet of the house, the only noise being the tap tap tapping of the keyboard as I write away. For a moment I’m soaking in the feeling of being a mother. I’m taking some mental pictures of what it’s like to have a baby balanced in my arm. I know it won’t be long before I’m chasing after a toddler, so I’m trying to enjoy this moment of babyhood. At two months of age my little daughter already looks so different. Her face is changing its shape, her eyes are getting bluer, her hair is growing in so dark and beautiful. There are many days that she frustrates me with her cries, that I get tired of toting her in and out of stores, and dread changing her poopy diaper once again. These are honest feelings, I’m sure. Just the same, I was reminded again this morning about how blessed I truly am. I’m blessed in every moment I spend with her. Sometimes I wonder what her life will be like. I look ahead and try to imagine what her voice will sound like, if she’ll be a daddy’s girl, what her favorite color will be. I dream about chatting with her over a cup of tea, watching her go off to college, and seeing her walk down the aisle on her wedding day. All of these things are in the future. I pray to God I’ll experience all of them with her. But I know that isn’t always the case. I know that dreams get cut short in this broken world. I know that sometimes babies go home sooner then expected. I can’t imagine the pain and brokenness. In fact, I try not to think about such a thing. Just the same, the reality of this life makes me want to treasure every moment I do have with my daughter. It makes me remember to be thankful when I get up in the middle of the night to feed her. It makes me remember to praise God when she screams in the department store, because her lungs are healthy and strong. It makes me remember to slow down and cuddle her close, because God has given me today with my precious little girl.

What do you need to slow down and appreciate today?