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There’s Always A Plane


This past week I witnessed a beautiful thing. I saw my parents meet their grandchild for the first time. I watched them enraptured with my little girl and my heart swelled. I savored every moment of their visit, and cried when I saw them off to the airport. A bittersweet reality of this military life is that along with all of the hellos, there’s always a goodbye. I wish there never had to be goodbyes. In a perfect world we would all live next door to each other, with privacy fences in between. In a perfect world distance wouldn’t separate us.
But it does.
Friends and family stretch across state lines and continents. It’s amazing to think that I know people across this entire globe. Our relationships span time zones and cultural barriers. This distance feels so much less because of modern technology. Phone calls, pictures, video chats, and social networking sites all help with this. (In fact, I actually had a video chat baby shower, how cool is that?).
While technology helps with the distance, it doesn’t take away the pain of separation. It doesn’t take away all the tiny moments we miss out of each other’s lives.
But it does make us treasure the moments we do have. It makes us cherish those few and far in between times when we do fall into each others arms in embraces, laugh as we play games around a table, and relish a sunset as we take a walk together.
And for the times when we’re not together, for those days when I hug my momma goodbye and watch her walk into the airport, I feel the gentle tug of a Savior who understands my pain, and will take the pieces of my heart and hold them gently until we meet again.