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My Resolution


The holidays are over. More money than you’d like to think has been spent, and life seems to now get back to its normal rhythm. What now? For many of you, the New Year started with resolutions that you broke shortly thereafter. For me, I didn’t even bother making one, since I knew I would break it anyhow. Oh well.

Just the same, I was inspired today to consider a different kind of resolution. Not the kind that has to do with numbers on a scale or the certain types of food I will or won’t put in my mouth, but a resolution of a more personal kind.

I was inspired to make a “personal goal” to be concerned with only God’s opinion of me. What a thought.

I’ve spent so much time over the years being consumed with how I look and how I don’t measure up to the world’s standard. More than once I’ve made New Year’s resolutions to become thinner and eat better food. But Lisa Whitttle over at She Seeks encouraged me to not focus on my earthly image, but on my spiritual one instead. Yes, being healthy is important, the military reminds my husband of that every day as he participates in early morning PTs. I’m a firm believer in keeping my family healthy and strong. Just the same, a point comes when we obsess too much on our appearance, instead of focusing on what God thinks of us.

I know that God doesn’t want me to worry and fret about how I look. He created each of us to be intrinsically beautiful. He doesn’t make any mistakes (see Psalm 139). And so, my new personal goal this year is to claim hold of the wonderful truth that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

With this in mind, the January gloom doesn’t look quite so bad out my window.