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That thing called flexiblity


His war was canceled.
The bags were packed. The initial hysterical crying was done. We had prepared ourselves emotionally and mentally for this deployment. My husband had one day of work left. And then he found out. His tasking was canceled. He was no longer deploying. After a month of preparing, he had to return all of his gear and go back to work.
Our family and friends were elated. They cheered over the fact that my hubby would be around for Christmas this year. I feel bad admitting that my response was a little less enthusiastic.
I felt something closer to shock. For the first time, I was experiencing a thing called “flexibility.” This word is something I’m sure I’ll experience much of over the years.
My husband will be called upon again to fulfill his duty. It could be tomorrow; it could be three months from now. Whenever that is, I’m learning that I’ll have to be flexible and supportive. We may be throwing a party, about to leave on a trip, or planning for a baby, but he’ll have to leave just the same. Whenever he’s called up again, it won’t matter if “I” want him to go or not. Actually, it won’t even matter if he “wants” to go. The question will more likely be, “can” he go and fulfill this part of his job description, the part I’m sure no military family completely enjoys. The question is also how I’ll respond to such deployments.
I’m now starting to learn how much of a support and encourager I’ll have to be to my husband in future years. I’ll have to be the strength, holding together our home whenever he’s away.
I also know it will only be through the peace and strength of God that I’ll make it through such times.
I have so much to learn about life as a military wife. I hope you’ll stay with me on this journey. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be exploring life on the home front, and what it truly means to be a flexible, supportive military wife. Please feel free to share your insight, and any verses that you have clung to over the years. I always love to hear what you have to say.