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Traveling: A Military Way of Life


We drove 21 hours to get to Thanksgiving. I’ve never lived so far away from family before. It was certainly a sacrifice to drive that far, but we both needed to be there. We needed to be surrounded by familiar faces, warm arms, and lots of good food. We needed to celebrate this holiday with some of the people that meant the world to us.
And so we got in our car early one morning, set our GPS to our destination, and munched on chex mix for the next 10 hours. After a nights rest, we drove 8 more hours, stopped to see some family, and then drove the last three to my husband’s boyhood home.
This traveling is a new, adventurous part of the military life for me. It taxes the faculties and emotions as the hours wear on. As we drove across the country I’ll admit it, I wasn’t always the most congenial traveling companion. Sometimes I was downright cranky. It’s much harder to love my husband after 10 hours of sitting in a car together.
Even in my crankiest moments, I felt God whispering to me, reminding me to love. I felt God reminding me that it’s easy to build up walls of resentment in a marriage, but so much harder to break them down. I felt God reminding me to hold my tongue and take a nap, instead of berating my husband in my weary state.
I’m slowly learning the hard lesson of holding my tongue. I’m slowly learning that it’s much better to hold those words back, it causes a lot less damage in the long run. (For more on the tongue, read James 1&3).
I’m learning how to find joy in the silly moments when we’re both exhausted, navigating through an unknown town.
I’m learning to be thankful for the moments my husband and I spent in the car, with just the two of us, as we drove a total of 42 hours in a matter of days.
Those moments together could have torn us apart, if I’d released all of the fire of my tongue. Instead, they were a time of bonding, and enjoying each other’s company to the fullest.