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Holiday Excitement


The holidays have an entirely different feeling now that I’m married and living halfway across the country. While I used to spend every single holiday with my family, now these times are split between my hubby’s family and my own. There’s a bit of bitter-sweetness that comes with this aspect military life. No longer am I several hours away from my parents, but instead states upon states separate us. That’s why the holidays are so exciting to me. The next to months will be filled with hugs, food, and stories from the past. It will also be full of packages, suitcases, and Christmas secrets. I can hardly wait!
Believe it or not I’m already working on my Christmas gifts. I decided to get a head start since I’m going the homemade route this year. This brings with it a lot of joy and a lot of stress. I want my gifts to be perfect, so it frustrates me when I once again read the directions wrong and have to tear out all of the seams on a sewing project. I did this last week, and left the project in disgust, not coming back to it this morning.
I could have grumbled this morning as I sat tearing out seams, but I didn’t. Instead, I enjoyed the quiet morning and put on some Christmas music as I was seam ripping. (Yes, I know, it’s a bit early for such music but I can’t help it, I love the holidays that much!). Instead of dwelling on the tediousness of the task, I thought about how my relative would look when they saw this finished gift. I know their eyes will light up, and they’ll be full of thankfulness, not because it’s perfect, but because I made it for them. That, to me, is part of what Christmas is all about. It's about loved ones, giving to others, and celebrating the ultimate gift God gave to us in his Son Jesus Christ. So for today, instead of grumbling, I’m looking forward to the blessings of the holidays, and trying not to stress about all the little details.

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