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Moment By Moment


Hello friends.
Can I admit something today? I’m awful at being flexible. I have plans, a list, and a schedule and I hate deviating from it.  The other night I had dinner on the table and found myself getting all bent out of shape when my husband was late getting home from work. It was a silly thing, nothing my husband really had any control over, but I found myself getting mad just the same.
I found myself at a decision point. I had a choice. Would I be the  “sweet wife” when my husband finally made it home or would I be “bitter wife” and make my husband think twice about ever late again.
I want my husband to love walking through the door each night, not having to wonder if I’m going to bite his head off or not. I want him to look forward to that moment he comes home and I give him a big hug and a peck on the cheek. I want him to look forward to those times. And so, I have to be flexible, even when I don’t want to be.
And so I picked “sweet wife,” choosing not to stay disgruntled but instead to keep dinner warm and wait patiently for him to walk through the door.
My attitude wasn’t completely fixed then though. For the rest of the evening those feelings of resentment kept poking up and I had to make a choice once again. Satan was having a heyday with my “flexibility issues” and trying over and over again to get me upset. It was seriously a battle filled evening of me continually having to turn back to the truths of God and reminding myself how much I loved my husband.
Do you ever have days like this? When you have to choose over and over again how you’re going to respond to a situation? Do you ever feel as if you are living life one breath at a time? Are there any areas where God is calling you to be more flexible?