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My Art


I am my worst critic. I tell myself that my art doesn’t matter. I tell myself that my gift just isn’t good enough. And so I ignore it. I stay busy. I clean the house, talk on the phone with friends, work on crafts and play with my daughter (not that these are necessarily bad things, just stick with me!). I leave my art until the end of my day, when my brain is tired and my words half-hearted. I don’t devote the time I should to writing, because, why does it matter? Who reads this blog anyway. What’s the point? I can thing of a million excuses. But still the open page sits there. Still the opportunity to share my true heart. Still the ability to reach the world for Christ. In my heart of hearts I know that I’m a woman of words. If I deny this art, I am then denying who God created me to be. Writing is my art. I may be less than perfect at it. I may not be the best grammar guru in the world. I may make mistakes. But God speaks to me through words. And I pray that He uses my words to speak to others as well. As I explore different avenues, I still find myself confused by this gift. How, exactly will God use this gift?  I truly don’t know. All I know is that He’s planted a love of writing deep in my heart. As I walk down this road of life I’m doing my best to hone this gift. I’m practicing, I’m experimenting and I’m growing. All I can do is use this gift to glorify my Jesus each and every day and trust Him to care for the rest.

What is the art in your life? Sometimes, in the midst of our busy lives, it’s so hard to find, but it’s there, peeking through the loads of laundry and rainy days. God’s gifts are present and oh so ready to be revealed to you! For more on the art in our daily lives, check out