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A Labor of Love


“We recall, in the presence of our God and Father, your work of faith, labor of love, and endurance of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ, knowing your election, brothers loved by God” (1 Thessalonians 1:3-4, HCSB).

This military life is truly a labor of love.

The moment my husband held our little girl, he truly became a daddy. In that moment she grabbed a hold of a piece of his heart and he’s never been the same since. (Sorry if that sounds overall sappy. It’s the truth). I watched an amazing, tender side of my husband come to the forefront on that day. He held our daughter so gently, changed her diapers, soothed her cries, and clumsily figured out how to swaddle her tightly in the hospital blanket. He was nervous, but so good at what he was doing!

Since then he’s tucked her into bed each night that he’s home, given her bottles, played with her, and made her laugh like none else can. She’s her daddy’s girl.

While he’s away it’s my responsibility to keep her safe. It’s my responsibility to lover and nurture this little one, so that she’s happy and healthy when her daddy returns. It’s a great responsibility. One I could never face without my Savior by my side. But I do it out of love. I do it because I love my daughter, and because I love my husband. He trusts me with this task, so it’s one I don’t take lightly. It’s my labor of love on this earth. There are no better words to describe it. It’s so tough sometimes, especially at 3AM, but I do it out of love. I do it out of my sense of responsibility. I do it because my husband trusts me to care for our daughter, manage our finances, and keep our house in shape while he’s gone. It’s nice to be needed. And it’s nice to labor out of love.

What are your labors of love in this world?