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Take Heart


“Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the LORD” (Psalm 31:24 NIV).

What is hope? To me, hope is trusting that the Lord always knows best. I say this easily right now, with my husband sitting next to me on the couch, but I have to admit that sometimes hope is a little harder to hold onto. I don’t look forward to the times when my dear spouse is deployed over seas. One day soon I will be experiencing the pain of separation, but I would hope, even then, that God will be my strength and my song.
For me, hope is believing that God will provide. He is the one that sees the beginning, and the end of this tough life we live on earth. There are times when I definitely need strength from him to make it through the day. There are times when my heart is breaking, and I need him to hold onto to it and help me take one step at a time.
What about you, do you need a reminder that God will provide? Do you need a reminder that he is always there, in good times and in bad? Put your hope in him my friends, for he is the only one that will never fail you. He will be your comforter and friend when no one else is around to feel your pain. He will be your salvation, if you let him.
He will take your heart, that feels like it deployed with your spouse, and hold it in his hands. Trust me, there’s no better place to be.
Be strong and take heart in Him.

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